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Related article: FARM BOY index of russian lolita Jack Sprat My name is Shad. I moved to San Francisco from Salina Kansas. Salina?
Yuk! What a berg. Constant hot wind in the summer and terrible storms in the
winter. If I ever see another wheat or cornfield I'll scream. No mountains or
nothing. You just look across the plains into infinity.
The people in Salina are bible slappers. What's good for them is good for
you and you'd better not sin. I came to San Francisco before I got caught
sinning. I'm gay, and I was playing around with another farm kid. Jeez! If the
community found out I'd be tarred and feathered and run out of town. This kid's name was Justin. He'd been helping me do some farm work and we
decided to lay back in a haystack and rest a bit. Male talk of course turned
to dirty jokes and I saw the bulge in his overalls causing my own peter to
swell. It was a compulsive urge. I reached down to his crotch. He tried to
fight me off yelling, "Hey! What are you doing? Stop! Don't!" I'd become uncontrollably aggressive. Perhaps it was starting to be
rape, but I was going to have what I wanted. We wrestled in the hay a real
long time until he got tired. I got his bib straps unsnapped and pulled his
coveralls off. He wasn't wearing any shorts and lay there bare ass naked.
Still protesting, he cupped himself with his hands, but I pried them away,
gripped his dick, and fondled his balls. I got him uncapped and put his cock
in my mouth, holding his balls, working my tongue, and continued to free lolita models com suck. It
must have finally started feeling real good. Instead of trying to pull me off,
he pushed my head down for more. I'd finally subdued him. lolita girls nude 3d
He pumped a big wad into my mouth but his dick didn't go down so I kept
working on it 'til I got two more good cums. I even pushed my finger board dorki loli preteen up his
ass. When I was finished, Justin looked surprised and bewildered. He wasn't
angry at all. He'd just experienced a new happening in his life. He apparently
decided he liked it. I pulled my own coveralls down. Justin was a little hesitant to touch me
but his eyes were fixed on my hard on. I guided his hand young lollipop porn models to my dick and told
him it was O.K. if he gave it a feel. It didn't take long before he was
jacking' me and playing with my balls. He got the courage to put my cock in his
mouth. I had to instruct him how and where to use his tongue. Justin got broken in real good that day. Completely lost his cock
virginity and even swallowed my cum. Since he was a bible boy, I knew that he
was going to feel extra guilty about what he did. I told him that it was O.K.,
that we came together because God made it happen. Justin believed this, and
since it felt so good, it was God's reward. I told him that God wanted him to
learn a lot more and that I was going to be his teacher. This worked great.
I'd just tell him where to meet me, and the time, and he'd be there waiting.
I made a place in the barn loft. I moved a bunch of hay bales for a crawl
hole that no one but us knew about. This opened up into a small private
secluded area where I had put a blanket and pillow atop a hay mattress. Some times Justin would crawl in holding his bible not in the mood. No
matter if he whined, if he was reluctant, I'd just get a arm lock around his
waist, squeeze around his crotch a few times til his dick swelled and then it
was down with his pants. He might still protest a bit but his whimpering always
turned to blissful moans after I started working on him. I'll always have visions of Justin's body. It was gorgeous, smooth,
flowing, and farm boy muscular. He'd lay on his back and spread his legs.
His prick was well proportioned and hard as a metal bolt. His uncapped red
tip flared with color. Two firm balls were in the clutch below, one hanging
slightly below the other. His skin showed a healthy fresh tone. Silky, soft
tan hair made a patch above his prick, loose strands dropped downward. Butts have always turned me on. Justin's was anatomically beautiful. Two
well formed smooth muscular cheeks, almost cherub-like, and a tight crack. I
loved to run my hand over his bottom, spread his buns, and view his inviting
pucker which had yet to be trained.
Justin didn't like my finger in his ass. I had to break him in slowly.
When I first started, the only way I could shove my finger in his butt was when
he was cuming. I'd watch for signs when I was tonguing him. When he started to
cum, my greased finger was there, ready to move in. Justin was in no condition
to stop me as he shot his wad. My finger intensified his sensation. real young lolita pics
Through my patient massage, he developed an asshole "itch". He found my
finger gave it relief and pleasure. His hole finally started loosening so I
could get two fingers in past my mid knuckles. I congratulated myself on my
patience. It was time he got fucked. I told him I would never think of doing
this, but my urge was God's command. For Justin's benefit, I secured a grip bar that sat pretty close to the
floor. If a man is going to take something up his ass, he is more comfortable
if he is gripping something. On the planned day, Justin arrived on time as instructed. I sucked him off
knowing after coming he would be more relaxed. With lots of lube, I gently
massaged his asshole until it was good and loose, then got him on all fours.
He dropped his head, grasped the grip, and arched his back, really turning me
on as I viewed his open cheeks and his puckered target. I hoped I wouldn't cum
prematurely. I greased my prick, tucking it in just a little, then withdrawing,
watching his hole nip at it. I pushed it further, held it, then slowly pushed
until my tip disappeared. He moaned as his muscle wrapped around my cock. I
could see him gripping the bar tightly. I didn't know if he was feeling pain,
ecstasy, or both. My shaft easily followed until my balls pressed against his
butt. I had scored.
I held still for a few moments, then started slowly pumping forwards and
backwards. It took super human power not to cum right then. I moved it some
more, then got into uncontrollable heat. I slammed at him, back and forth as
fast and as hard as I could. Justin wiggled his butt index of russian lolita muttering, "OH, GOD! OH
My cum was starting. I held my last thrust against his cheeks, spurting
and spurting deep into his body until I was completely spent. I looked down.
Justin's dick had spilled cum all over the floor.
Later, Salina had a scandal. A choirmaster was accused of messing around
with two teen age choir boys. The town was in a uproar. Citizens demanded
justice. The choirmaster was almost lynched. That is why I decided I'd better
to move to San Francisco. Oh yes, Justin came with me.
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